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This Is Why You Are Gonna Love Living Here ...

Why Move here?
  •  The price of the lots are about 1/2 the price of a city lot and are so much bigger
  • The price of the lots are lower than other developments which means we can get you the house of your dreams for lower cost.
  • The property taxes are about 40% less than other subdivisions... thats incredible!
  • The price on our brand new, ready to move in modern design homes (we all love those kitchen islands, 2 - 3 car garages and double sinks in the master baths) is a good value for the square footage and the lot size.
Meadowlark Saskatoon
  • A 12 minute drive from city limits straight out on Highway #5 means easy, stress free driving for you and your family no matter if its in snow, rain or sun.  The Department of Highways will be the ones worrying about the road conditions.
  • 12 minutes is perfect distance to get you completely away from the noise, the congestion, the traffic and the frantic stressful life that is the city.   Twelve minutes is close to get back to the city for work or enjoyment of the amenities.
  • The new Freeway is going to cut that distance by having the amenities more accessible to you but it will still keep you in serene Country Life.  Keep in mind, when that new freeway goes in ... your property value will go up!   This is the perfect time to get in on this spot.
  • 2020 road construction has widened our highway and given us highway turning lanes making the drive very pleasant.
  SERVICES (you will be pleased to know that these are basically the same as in the city): 
  • SaskPower supplies the electricity
  • Natural gas from SaskEnergy means that you won't be running out of gas on the Barbeque before the steaks are done and at the same time you will be enjoying the cleanliness and the cash savings.
  • High speed internet Iis available provided by Redbird Communications (phone 306-979-6733).  The internet tower is located right on the  subdivision property for the best possible service.  Of course there is another option with Xplornet.
  • Water is provided by Lost River Water Utility (phone 306-222-6035) and comes directly from the City of Saskatoon (through SaskWater).
  • Fire services/protection is provided by Clavet Fire and Rescue and Sunset Estates Fire and Rescue
  • The remaining available lots are from 2.10 acres to 9.66 acres (left in Phase I and the beginning of Phase II)
  • These are great sizes.  Big enough to build a shop, plant a garden, build a backyard skating rink or whatever else you want.  Anything much bigger means more work.  You want room, you want space and you want more time for your other hobbies, more time for your family and more time for YOU.  Three to four acre lots are perfect
  • The land is slightly rolling for some nice opportunities for expansive views and creative landscaping
  • There are a total of 40 lots in Phase I and by the time we get to Phase 4, there will only be 160 lots.  We have never wanted to be a city because the city is not where you want to be.  We will be a close knit community ... you know - where everyone knows your name!
  • The full phases have been planned out and we are heading for that goal.
  • But we do have intentions to continue with increasing or improving your amenities.  As the number of residents grow perhaps a playground or baseball diamond can be considered.  We need to have sufficient residents to make this work and we are working on that.
"We are very happy we chose to buy a home in Meadowlark Estates.   We love living just outside of the city with the space and freedom of an acreage but also the benefits of a neighbourhood such as a community of friendly people and young families.  We think this is a wonderful place to raise our kids and we are enjoying the spectacular sunsets!
-Ben and Naomi"
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